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There's something about 
             you I do quite like!

         Piers Morgan 
    America's Got Talent
Now thats talent!

    Nick Cannon
America's Got Talent
You are a one man show,
                 very very entertaining!

                Sharon Osbourne
              America's Got Talent

We're lucky you came over from Britian, 
          because now... America's Got Talent!

                       Howie Mandel                                               America's Got Talent
Your the best in the world!

            My Mum
The Show
Nick combines highly skilled and energized routines of juggling and acrobatics with fast paced comedy, hilarious volunteer interaction and dangerous stunts. Nick’s routines, choreographed to modern music, and quick witted British humour have made him a favorite here in the US.
Extreme Stunts
The Worlds most dangerous Glass Walk, not only does Nick walk on broken glass barefoot, but he pours kerosene on it, and juggles an incredibly sharp knife, a 6lb meat cleaver and a fire torch which if dropped, would leave Nick literally ON FIRE and he does all this blind folded!
Nick likes to heat things up, and that's what happens when he rides his 6ft Fire Unicycle. Both wheel and frame a blaze while he juggles 3 fire torch's as his hat burns atop his head!
Nick also juggles a real live running Chainsaw! If these stunts don't have the audience on the edge of their seats nothing will!
A world class, high energy comedy stunt show, with hilarious audience              participation & an english accent! 


Based in Myrtle Beach SC USA,  but Nick will ride his unicycle anywhere!
Watch Nick's America's Got Talent journey here:   AGT videos
Nick Pike Juggler, Acrobat and Comedian